Project Management


This is a service that very few Interior Design companies offer. Affordable Designs has been offering it since the inception of our company. We found that so many of our clients are unable to put in the time necessary to successfully shepherd a job to completion…and completion with as few flaws as possible.

How we at Affordable Designs manage any project:

  • PLANNING – the very first step. Meetings with our client to develop clear and concise plans for the project- including designs, materials to be used in the project, permits and paperwork necessary and most important the overall goal the client wants to achieve at the end of the project…..and the budget they have allocated for the job.
  • COMMENCEMENT – beginning the project with a selected team of qualified specialists- chosen by the client or recommended by Affordable Designs. This team can include any or all of the following: Architects, Contractors, electricians, plumbers, flooring specialists, painters etc. We provide all specialists with a full scope of work, and with their input, an overall schedule for the project and the budget that needs to be adhered to.
  • MONITORING -the most time consuming part of the project-the regular, on site checking of the quality of the work being done, the follow up on delivery of materials needed for the job, the resolving of any problems that bubble up and the oversight of both the schedule and the budget.
  • COMPLETION – The finishing walk through with each vendor and finally with the client to make sure the job has been completed to the client’s expectation. Small imperfections or unfinished items are isolated and completed at this time

Affordable Designs will inspect all vendor bills and present to clients for approval.


Our involvement in this process saves our clients hundreds of hours and lots of headaches!