Kate Gallagher

Kate started AFFORDABLE DESIGNS in 2007. Her goal was to provide interior design expertise to a market that felt such services were beyond their financial reach.

Prior to 2007, Kate owned a corporate meeting firm that staged meetings for Fortune 500 companies all over the world. She designed stage sets, theme events, and complex programs for all her clients. Those designs were done with such uniqueness and creativity that they started a new trend in her field… and were frequently copied.

Kate is a practical designer, preferring function over form if a choice must be made. She has been successful in creating environments based on the client’s needs and preferences and budget. As she has said, “ I listen to what my clients want and then try to deliver that in a solid design that suits their expectations. That is great, as it means each job causes me to stretch, to change and to learn. It has to be fun!”

Van Markel

Van has recently joined the Affordable Designs team on a full-time basis. Since 2015 he has worked with Affordable Designs on numerous projects while managing his own design and renovation company based in Los Angeles.

Van and Kate share a mutual philosophy: to provide interior design expertise to people who feel that such services are beyond their financial reach. Key to this is allowing clients to fully express who they are and what holds real meaning to them in terms of their living space. Van and Kate work collaboratively with each client to represent the client’s design esthetic and lifestyle.

With a passion for design and architecture Van has gained a comprehensive understanding of the custom design construction process, necessary to create elegant, affordable residential environments…. with an emphasis on showcasing designs that are understated yet sophisticated and functional, while incorporating clean lines, well-crafted furnishings, and quality materials

Van has extensive experience in providing tasteful and affordable design services for working people living busy lives.